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Queensland Keep Fit Association Inc

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Heartmoves Classes - First Class for FREE!!!
Valid From: 11-Mar-2013
Valid Until: 29-Nov-2013
Description We hold physical activity programs to suit everyone no matter the age, ability or fitness level. Water Aerobics, Warm Water Gentle Aqua, Mum & baby classes, Pramercise classes, Tone Stretch Relaxation classes, Heartmoves Classes (for those with or at risk of having Heart conditions or diabetes), Tai Chi Classes, Yoga Classes, Pregnancy Yoga and Yoga for mums and bubs.
Address Various locations in Mackay District
Mackay QLD 4740
Phone 07 4957 3901
Queensland Keep Fit Association Inc
Queensland Keep Fit Association Inc
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Heartmoves is a gentle physical activity program that is beneficial for a wide range of health conditions including but not limited to arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain and heart conditions. By attending these classes regularly
you can: Lower blood pressure, Have more energy, Manage weight and diabetes, Reduce your pain, Develop better balance & posture, Improve your joint flexibility & move better, Prevent falls & injuries from falls, Increase your heart fitness & muscle strength.
Our Heartmoves Leaders have successfully completed the specialised accredited Heartmoves training delivered by the health and legal professionals from the Heart Foundation and the Health Department. Classes are held every Friday at 11.30am in the Senior Citizens
Hall, Macalister Street, Mackay Please phone before attending class for the first time. RECEIVE YOUR FIRST CLASS FOR FREE!!!! Contact Jess 07 4957 3901

Terms & Conditions

You must phone before attending your first class.